Cut Your Losses

by The Interstate

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released July 14, 2016



all rights reserved


The Interstate New York, New York

I don't wanna look you in the eye (I just want your love without having to try)

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Track Name: Mayday! (An American Courtship)
Give me heart or give me head
I need a bit of each
I went off like your car alarm
The wool over our eyes was the blanket that kept us warm

And every hair on the back of your neck
was a standing ovation for me
And every feeling disguised as a joke
was the closest to heartfelt that I'll ever be

I don't wanna look you in the eye
I just want your love without having to try

Remember on the balcony
Half-naked in the pool
The bus ride, I stole your heart
The stars in our eyes were just plastic and glow-in-the-dark

And every dirty or flirty exchange
was worth more than a bracelet or ring
And every fingertip tracing your spine
touched you better than anything I'll ever sing

And I don't wanna paint you from memory
Just wanna be starting again
Don't you?

(A long bored scream at the satellites)
Track Name: It's Cool
Well you slipped out the back and I don't want you back
We learned about dependency but the pills didn't do shit for me
Like you... yes you... you're gonna do what you wanna do
'cause you were bitter when i was sweet but you can play me on repeat

What do you dream about? What do you dream about?
How do you sleep without what you dream about?

Well we kissed in the rain just to cover every cliché
and you got so wet and you lit a cigarette
and I had my chance... I guess this is summer romance
but I'm not in your plans... you just never felt love from your man!

So go... make me wait... I'm the vegetables on your plate
Track Name: Featherweight
So I'm a peacock pictured in black and white
Featherweight who threw the fight
And i repeat myself like history
and get ignored as easily

Now i'm an anchor with nothing left
to hold down except myself
But you're weightless like a skeleton
It's lonely there under your skin

And with your hair dripping wet you rode off into the sunset
You caught all their eyes just to leave them all blind

You're a vacant sign that's always turned on
The boys are lined up on your lawn
But you're boring like the afternoon
They'll cut you just to lick your wounds

And i saw the forest through the trees
from a bridge burnin' under me
Track Name: Soft Serve
Reservoir-tip suitors flock to
Calculators try to win you
Non-stick like the pan i flashed in
Meadows grow for us to fuck in

Hey yay yeah
Do you wanna make it better now?
Hey yay yeah
I don't really wanna know you!

Musselbound fishmongers cast lines
She put me in a headlock last night
Our emissions are modern art
Elegant like velvet but without heart

It's all soft serve now

Passed on all my chances to grow
Played with dolls when i was too old
Don't jerk with the hand you write with
Your heart's stone; I'm becoming a mason

It's all soft serve now
Guess I'll self-serve now
Track Name: Salad Days For Carnivores (An American Marriage)
Shirt was ripped
It still fit pretty good
Hair was short
It didn't look too good

If there's a way to get back let me think of it

Teeth were bad
We smiled pretty good
Grass was green
I almost felt so good

If there's a way to get back let me think of it
If there's a way to get back—

Now we sit on the couch and we don't have fun
And we stare at the wall, well it's all been done
'cause we're married now but without any vows
Punch a hole in the wall if you're down for the count
Remove all my teeth 'cause I'm out of control
Well I burned all the sheets 'cause they got too cold
There's a brick in the wall and it's hard as my skull
and I'm bangin' my head 'cause I can't get off

She said, "You'd never go... 'cause you could never
get what you you want... You won't get what you want"

Grass was green
I almost felt so good
Track Name: Funtitled
Hey yeah yeah yeah hey yeah yeah yeah

I won't try to escape the plot
I've been written into
In heat again with a lonely heart
What's a boy to do?

Cool sheets for summertime
They don't show the stains
Love left my brain again
She said, "i like your veins"

Take my advice
You're young like the night

Count the cells on her tongue
Don't spit the seeds
See your sweat turn to fog
and shoot where you eat

What do you do once you've outlived your idols?
We knew the truth back when we all were suicidal
We were the prophets of our own doom
Searching for chandeliers in a dark room
but ingenuity died young
to predecease and widow emotion
So light the wick and wax nostalgic
Burn down the house when you start feeling homesick